Jenco Tech, a platform for your financial innovation

When it comes to the creation of next-generation financial primitives, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) does just that. By leveraging open source software and composable frameworks, DeFi allows anyone in the world to utilize financial services in a trustless and transparent manner. The team behind Jenco Tech will enable and bridge between non-crypto and blockchain user to “Defi”.

Jenco Tech Defi Products

Jenco Protocol

Decentralised Derivative Trading

Jenco protocol as one of the first automated decentralized derivative protocols will incentive top traders around the world to share its trading strategies, then traders will share profit and network fees depending on the amount of participants on their strategies. Likewise on the protocol panel, it will internally select the top traders with reviewed and evaluated the best trading result offer to participants. Jenco protocol will atomic swap participants’ asset to MT4 account and run the strategies; in the meaning time participants’ asset will collateralize with Jenco protocol’s cold storage asset in BTC and USDT.

Jenco Loan

Decentralized Lending

The current bottlenecks for Defi lending services that it is hard for traditional investors to understand and participate; as a result, JENCO LEND toolkit will have advance APi that connects to all major lending platforms; such as, Poloniex, DDEX, Aave, Argent, Compound and InstaDapp, to make sure participants will accurately lend out their crypto asset and receive in time without compromising security.

Bitfinex/Poloniex Lending Bots


Jenco Tech believes it is in the investors favour to lend out their digital assets than utilising decentralised finance networks. As a result, JENCO Bot was created as a fully automated lending system, cushions investors against crypto volatility. The bot monitors the digital money market for optimal returns on an investment. As a user, you are required to have an account with JENCO Bot then linked via API to the supported exchanges to automate the lending process. (Bitfinex & Poloniex)

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